Speaker Robot (Speaker-Bot), 3D printed 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speaker Plans


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This is a 3D printed project for a unique speaker box and stand design called the Speaker Bot. The Speaker Bot uses any 5-1/4" car audio speaker to allow for easy hook-up without a crossover. The legs and joints on the speaker bot are movable to a variety of positions and can be placed in a standing or sitting position. For this project you will need access to a 3D printer that has an 8in x 8in table size. Smaller printers simply won't work. You will not get the strength by chopping up the files in smaller pieces with the hopes to glue them all back together again. (sorry!)

So, what is the fun of Speaker Bot? (Mr. Speaker Bot to you :) Well, you can dress up your Speaker Bot, Name him, give him a Mohawk or an 80's style rocker hairdo. Paint him in the color of your choice or make him a her. The sky is the limit in making this project your own - and aloth for fun doing it and putting your 3D printer to good use.

There are 2 types of 3D printed files included, one set is for a plastic extruded style 3D printer (most common) and the other is used with a powder style 3D printer. The difference being the way the hardware is inserted into the various parts. You will have the choice to purchase the digital plans alone or I have the option to purchase the digital plans with a hardware kit (sold under a different listing.) If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to explaing the differences.

If you haven't seen the video yet, copy and paste the below link into your browser.


This can be a rewarding project and a very unique one at that. Very few speakers are 3D printed and adds a modern and unique look and feel - especially when making it your own. I would love to see your final result so shoot me an e-mail and pic when you are complete. Don't have 3D CAD software? Download Fusion 360 for free. Other mechanical CAD or Mechanical CAM software will work as well such as BobCad or CamBam or Meshcam among many others. - even old versions.

So, how do they sound? Well, that will be better answered based on the quality of speakers you purchase. The ones I used were cheap-o Boss brand. They actually sound OK - not great but OK, and if you have a sub-woofer, I think the overall sound quality will improve since the Boss brand is not too well known for lows. However, you are not limited to the Boss brand - any 5-1/4" car audio speaker will work. Remember though that regardless of the manufacturer, it is still only a 5-1/4" woofer - not a 12" woofer, so none will reproduce great lows but as typical, a better quality should produce better results.


Difficulty (1 to 5): 3
CNC Required: 3D printer.
Approximate cost of components and materials: $60 to $100
Time required to finish: 20hrs. + 3D printing time
Plans format: DXF - needs 2D CAD software, PDF, STL - Needs 3D CAD software
Subwoofer required: No, but Recommended. Will have poor bass due to a small speaker.
Power handling: depending on brand but expect 30w to 60w RMS
Stand required: No
Other Speaker drivers option: Yes, any 5-1/4" car audio speaker will work.
BOM and Materials list included: Yes
Recommended place to purchase speaker components: Parts Express or any car audio dealer.

Thanks for looking!


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